Monday, July 5, 2010

Back Home

We have been home for a week. Everyone asks me, how is the transition going? Frankly, not that great. It has been cold and dark and I find myself curling up in my bed until the sun starts to shine, which has been about 5 pm when at all. I am never sure what I am supposed to be doing in the morning even though there is endless yard work and cleaning to attend to.

Great to see my friends as we huddle together wrapped in woolen shawls and drink summer cocktails despite the weather. I have trouble keeping up with the conversation because I feel out of the loop. Everybody’s children are much bigger. Some of them I don’t even recognize.

My neighbor across the street has a new baby. Another neighbor was diagnosed with ALS while we were away. My neighbor down the streets’ mom just found out she has stage 4 cancer.

I stood in line for an hour waiting for my new iphone.

We went to the fireworks last night. It stopped raining just before the show started. I wore wool socks, a cashmere sweater and a wool poncho. The display was almost canceled this year due to lack of funding. It was beautiful.

I ran all the way up Capitol Hill with Kerry this morning.

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