Friday, March 5, 2010

Getting things in Nicaragua

Back in September, we blew a valve on the espresso machine. The necessary part was quickly located online and we had it mailed to Jonathan’s brother David in New York. We gave him instructions to put it in a plain envelope and send it down. Which he did, on October 6. The part never showed up so we ordered another one and sent it along with a lot of other things, including a computer and clarinet mouthpiece, to Thelma’s sister in Florida so that Laurence and Thelma could hand carry it down here after Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, since Laurence has the same machine, but it is not in use, we swapped out the part so we were able to make coffee. So great to have friends!

Today, March 5, the package from David arrived with the little brass valve. Like almost all the mail we get from the states, it was opened and taped shut. Although this time without the little stamp stating that it had arrived at the post office that way. (Yeah right). The mail carrier brought it to the door and Jonathan had to show him his passport to get him to give it to him.

I think the way it works is that all the mail from abroad is dumped in a pile somewhere in Managua. If it is an attractive item, it immediately goes to the postal employees or is held for ransom from its rightful owners by demanding exhorbitant customs payments. The puzzling or less interesting items are just left there. Eventually someone might get to them or send them on their way.

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