Monday, May 17, 2010

Going Home

We have exactly three weeks left. The kids are coasting to the end of school. Jules only has 5 more days to go in with two not so major exams because he is done with the grueling AP tests. Noah has to hang out in middle school through exam week, but we are thinking of calling him in sick.

Previous to this year, three weeks was the longest time I had ever spent in Nicaragua. If I were starting at this point, with three weeks to spend in Nicaragua, I would think it is enough time to perfect my Spanish, do a volunteer project and see the entire country. But because it is my last three weeks of an entire year, it feels like I haven’t managed to accomplish those things the whole enormous time I have been here; I might as well pack my bags now and just wait for the airplane to take off. Perspective is everything.

Noah said the other day it has been the fastest year of his life. Mine too. But isn’t every year?

I am starting to think a little longingly about going back to Seattle. I can almost feel the cool air off the Sound and smell the yellow azaleas in Volunteer Park. I can’t wait to walk to a movie at the Harvard Exit. Visit Elliot Bay Books newly relocated close to my house. Run through Interlaken and the Arboretum. Vivace. Vietnamese sandwiches for a beach picnic. Columbia City farmers market.

I am so lucky to be able to be part of both here and there. What an incredible luxury to have the money and the passport to go back and forth.


  1. Yes, every year seems to be faster than any previous.

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