Sunday, April 18, 2010


We have heard it has started raining in Panama and here in the mountains, but not in Granada yet. Stifling heat this morning. For about an hour, there was bowling lane thunder from the West and North and the sky got a little bit darker, although still clear to the East. The green parrots were flying around and squawking. It smelled like rain, but we did not get our hopes up because yesterday, same thing happened and it only rained in Managua.

Finally, the rain came. Falling steadily now for almost half an hour, but starting to let up now. It smells so good. Nothing like warm wet earth and warm wet concrete tiles. I can hear the car tires splashing in the street. The doves are fluffing and preening on the roof ridge.

I tried to take a picture off my balcony, but it is hard to capture rain from this angle.

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  1. Hi, Tamara. My wife and I are close to making a final decision about moving to Granada in the next year! We live in Seattle. Would it be possible to correspond with you via email?