Sunday, April 4, 2010

What We Found on Little Corn Island

Not a single car or truck on the island. The main thoroughfare is a sidewalk with dirt paths leading off to beaches. Loads are transported by hand carts or wheelbarrows. There were a few bicycles and a few boats. The beaches are soft light sand ringed by coconut trees. Mango groves cover the two hills. The water is every color of blue green you can imagine.

We stayed at Casa Iguana which had simple brightly painted plywood cabanas scattered on a small cliff overlooking the beach on the east side of the island. That side is blessed with an almost constant wind. The west side with the village and the pretty sunset is stifling.

Three delicious meals a day were served in the lodge looking out over the water. We rented snorkeling equipment to explore the reefs right off the beach. For our big outing, we walked to the north side of the island and found another beautiful beach of white sand and coconut trees.

We slept with the Caribbean Sea breeze in our faces. We swung in hammocks. We read books. The boys paced the beach engrossed in a conversation they seemed to have started many years ago that we can never figure out.

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