Thursday, July 2, 2009

First Stop, Upper West Side, NYC

So begins the year of adventure; our new life. We're staying for the week with Jonathan's family. It's great to be back in our New York City pied a terre on Columbus Circle. We have had several trips through Central Park over to see Joan and Allen on Park Ave. Sunday we went to the Whitney. Monday running in the park then hanging out with Emma, Danny and Zoya. So great to see them again! It is like no time has passed except that the kids are practically grown-up. Emma and I are both glad that this dark winter has passed. Time was short, so we were only able to hit two stores on the Upper West Side, my perennial favorite Purdy Girl for 5 summer dresses and Emma's favorite, much hipper CPW where I let myself be styled. Now I feel ready for the Hamptons.

Danny was the grill meister on their beautiful balcony. Burgers and salsa and pink wine. Zoya was getting ready to fly to San Francisco in the morning (4:30!). We stayed too long, but it was so nice. Emma has promised to come down to Granada in January, and hopefully the whole family in the spring, too.

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