Thursday, July 30, 2009

Too many tortillas

Natalie is in second grade and she attends school in the mornings and sells tortillas in the afternoon. I asked her how her reading was and she said so/so. Everyday at supper time and sometimes lunch time, too, she brings tortillas to my house. I always buy ten and give her an extra cordova for herself. She used to pass the tortillas through the gate, but now she comes in and gazes longingly at the pool. Yesterday she brought her older cousin and I told her she had to get her mom or grandma’s permission to swim in the pool. Today she brought her little sister and bigger brother, Araceli and Dayton. They were coming into my house as a neighbor shouted for tortillas and she yelled back – Later, I’ll bring them on my way home!
She suggested swimming tomorrow as it is a teacher work day and the kids don’t have school. I agreed that would be a good time, but how many kids were we talking about. She assured me just the three of them. The tortilla family took a delighted little splash through the shallow part of the pool, discussed how deep the other part was and picked up their baskets to go. Natalie reminded me that I hadn’t paid her yet. I gave her the money for the tortillas and 3 extra cords which she distributed to her siblings. They left promising to return in the morning at 10 o’clock. Natalie held up two hands with fingers spread wide lest there be any confusion. The children never know quite how much I understand.

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