Thursday, July 2, 2009

Saying Good Bye

It was hard to leave Seattle. There was so much work to do. I fell into bed exhausted every night from getting the house ready.

I had such lovely times with all of my friends before I left. Margo had a potluck with all the neighborhood folk with the usual fabulous food, delicious drinks (provided by Ellen as always) and morning after emails. (Did we really corner Bruce in the alcove to set up a date with Jen and then degenerate into Capitol Hill Coop poop stories?)

I had two great running breakfasts, one for Lisa's birthday and the other to say good-bye. Lisa got a bunch of sox and I got two pairs of beautiful gold earrings just when I had decided to branch out into gold jewelry as a better tone for my aging face.

Nancy gave me a whole pint of strawberry jam because I didn't have time to make it myself. It was delicious.

One last round of pitchers of Manny's at Smith with Daniel and Kristina.

One last Shabbat dinner with my parents - ok it was carry-in from Shanghai garden, but there was no pork. One last grand central challah.

And throughout it all, Kerry and Susan and Deb coming by all week for coffee, pink wine, to carry off loose items. Thank you Kerry for taking all that stuff to goodwill and hope you enjoy the frozen vegetables.

Have fun making the quilts this year, Margo.

I hope you all enjoy those hair products and condiments you were fighting over.

I will miss my friends so so much, but we will be keeping in touch.

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