Thursday, October 22, 2009

Here comes the rains

The last few days have been cooler and rainy, more like the usual Granada weather for this time of year. Folks have been seen in sweaters. We found a scorpion and two snakes in the house in addition to the usual mice and doves. More ants. I guess everything is being flooded out. Last night was a really hard rain. We walked over to Laurence and Thelma's for dinner and we got soaking wet. Noah was trying to hold an umbrella over the antioxidant cupcakes I was carrying, but he kept catching the water pouring off of the roofs and redirecting it directly onto the cake. The street was a river. When we got home, water was dripping off of beams and down walls - inside a few rooms.

I don't know if it rained up north or if this is the start of enough rain to save the planting. I hope it does more than just cool everything off.

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