Thursday, October 29, 2009

Running commentary

I'm trying to step up my miles a bit but it is hard because I have found that I detest the sensation of dripping sweat and being covered in bugs after a run. It is always interesting though. This week I saw a pickup truck full of people (AKA private mass transit) swerve to hit a dog sleeping on the left side of the road. I saw a man wheeling a hand cart down the main street. It was full of little pigs. He called out - Piglets! Piglets! just as if he had fruit or flowers in his cart. I really wanted one, but I held myself back and bought some bananas from the next cart. I ran through a herd of cows down by the lake. There were about 20 of them in varying brown and beige colors, cows and calves slowly moving down the road. A guy on a horse sort of nudged them out of my way. I saw about twenty people drink something out of a plastic bag and throw it in the street.

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