Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just another morning in Paradise

When I got up with Noah at 5:30 to get ready for school, he was worried about a little mark on his hand. Is this a bat bite? I just had a little flush of panic, but I reminded myself that his room is completely sealed and we have seen no bats in the house since it was fumigated. It was a little too dark to see what it looked like. While he was in the shower, I googled bat bites and was relieved to see that bat teeth make little round puncture wounds, not 3 mm slashes. Upon closer inspection, no skin was broken and it actually looked like a teeny tiny scrape that had just lost its scab. Of course, we still have 48 hours to start rabies shots if we need to.

Jonathan was listening to the news on the Sandinista radio station (the only one that comes in). Last night, the Supreme Court approved Daniel's request to override the constitutional limit on reelections. This opens the door for his name to be on the ballot in 2011 and could be the beginning of the dictatorship. It isn't so much the extended term of Daniel's (his first term WAS a long time ago) presidency, but the complete disregard for the constitution that troubles me. Even though we have our own constitutional irregularities (bear arms) and voting problems (if only Al Gore had been president . . .) I still really value the solidity of the Constitution and the strength of the institutions that support it in the US.

I firmly believe as visitors and foreigners, we have no right to pass judgement or act on politics here. But I'm curious what the people will do to ensure democracy and protect the constitution.

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