Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kathy’s Funeral

The funeral was at the Cathedral and the biggest, fanciest horse carriage hearse was outside with all of the flowers hanging off of it. The cathedral was full of sad people. Sandy’s daughter Rachel was by his side. I just kept looking at the Virgin to keep my eyes off of Kathy’s coffin. After the incense, they closed the coffin and Kathy’s brother’s lifted it onto their shoulders and carried it to the waiting carriage.

All of the mourners left the cathedral after the coffin and followed the carriage across the Parque Central and through the streets to the cemetery. Kathy’s riderless horse with her boots and hat draped over the saddle proceeded the hearse, lead by her groom.

At the cemetery, they carried the coffin from the hearse way back to the family tomb. The family said good bye. Crying and wailing as her coffin was shoved into the tomb, her father cried My daughter, my doll. Then we stood around as a mason bricked up the hole and plastered it over. I walked out of the cemetery behind Sandy, said good bye and walked home through the town as the sun was setting.

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