Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Check in

We have been here four months now and I can definitely feel myself changing from a visitor to a resident. Everything is still wonderful and all, but for instance now I am just as happy to send Moni to the market and skip the pleasures of its sights and smells. I shout no gracias at people who come to the door selling things. I used to go all the way downstairs, have a pleasant conversation, get them a glass of water and more often than not, buy whatever it is they had to sell. I let fewer children in to swim in the pool. I balk at anything that costs 200 cords, even after I remind myself it is just 10 bucks. I stay in during the heat of the day. I am sometimes tired of beans and rice.

I still always see something that seems so odd each time I walk out my door. The other day I saw a woman walking down the street holding a small shrub over her head like an umbrella to walk in the sun.

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