Sunday, November 15, 2009

San Martin

When I stopped by the Cathedral yesterday, I noticed that a couple of Saint’s statues had fresh flowers. That means they are getting ready to go for a ride. He parish bulletin said it was the celebrations for San Martin de Porres. He is Peruvian and the first black saint of the Americas. He lived at the end of the sixteenth century and is a patron saint of peace. This morning, Sunday, more rockets than usual went off at 5:00 and I heard a rather larger band going by. But I just rolled over and went back to sleep. I would have liked to see him go by, but there were just too many stairs and doors to unlock.

Just now San Martin has toured the streets again. An ambulance with siren went in front and the band followed surrounding the bearers with the small statue of the brown robed San Martin. I heard the band and stuck my head out the door to see my neighbors sitting in their chairs watching the procession. I am still too shy to pull my chair onto the sidewalk, but I am taking baby steps by having my front doors open so I can see everyone that goes by while I sit in my chair in the sala.

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