Sunday, November 15, 2009


There is a march planned for next Saturday. The opposition is uniting to protest fraud and intimidation as practiced by the current government. Since demonstrations have been pretty violent lately with people being bused in to create trouble, I’m concerned about the chance for a peaceful demonstration. Even though the head of the police has promised that the demonstrators will be protected, I’m worried. La Prensa is reporting that buses are being loaded with stones and homemade mortars by the Sandinistas. It seems that they have decided to counter demonstrate with a “celebration of victory” and are calling on supporters from far and wide. Some one has already been down my street painting the power poles in fresh red and black so I am sure I will get a front row seat for the parade out of town to Managua. I’m sure that there will be some kind of set up to justify violence. I’m nervous for friends I know will be there.

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