Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida slammed into the Atlantic Coast on Thursday. It quickly reverted to a tropical storm, but not before messing up the coast communities and Carribean Islands. Some 13,000 people are affected with 900 houses losing their roofs. Estimates say that 80% of the wells are contaminated. Forests were knocked down and harvests were lost. Now there is a big problem with flooded rivers and people stranded far from their homes. Goods will not be getting to market for a while.

The government has stepped in quickly to assure that aid is on it's way and will continue for 5 months using ALBA (Chavez led alternative to the Association of American States) funds. Funny thing, just yesterday there was an article about how Ortega was secretly spending ALBA funds out of a house next to his own in Managua. RAAS and RAAN - the Autonomous Atlantic Regions have always had a difficult relationship with the central government. They are not counting their pennies yet.

Here on the other side, we just had a very pleasant rainy weekend.

Ida continued on to El Salvador, killed about 100 people and caused a state of emergency.

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