Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Small Wave

I had my first small wave of homesickness. This afternoon and into the evening, our neighbors were blaring music. I couldn't think after a while and I so missed our Seattle neighborly restraint. When the music stopped, it was really only 7, but I was extra cranky because some other neighbor was playing music until 3 this morning. Jonathan put on the Decemberists and we sang along and talked about what the music reminded us of - Driving to Orcas Island. The music evoked a vision of a cold, quiet and sunny afternoon somewhere in the Upper Midwest insulated by blocks and blocks of comfortable houses full of well fed people with jobs and winsome irony.

A different neighbor came by - Roland is technically not on our street - but lives close by. He wondered if I could give him something to eat. He is in charge of our recycling for a couple bucks a week. But I only give him food in the evening because he is often drunk or high then. Poor guy, he hasn't figured out Moni's schedule. I hadn't finished making dinner yet, so I gave him some cold beans and an egg. He said that was fine, he could cook.

We had our dinner and watched a bat fly around the courtyard. Later, as I was walking down the steps, I looked at the pool in its stunning clarity. I thought, Wow, this is pretty cool. Wave washed by.

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