Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Day of School

While the kids were at school -
There are no start of school signals here because the light seems always the same to us. It feels odd to get school supplies without that change in light and the chilly nights on Orcas. I am so nervous and so sad for the children. Jules sick. Noah sad. I feel like it is the end of their childhood. In uniforms for the first time. Hope all is well. I wish they would call me on my phone. Angel was here half an hour early and Hobbes was ready when we picked him up.

Kids came home and had that look of relief when you have gotten through something you dreaded and it wasn't that bad. They were in good spirits. Managed to find their lockers, well, Noah anyway and all their classes. Noah has 7 kids in band and none of them own their own instruments. He is the best in the whole band. Last year he was third to last chair in the clarinets in a band of 88, winning national awards.

Jules has 3 AP classes and the homework is already piling on. He mentioned again he knew a really good school in Seattle he could go to.

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