Monday, August 24, 2009

Tourist for a week

Melanie and Cyn’s visit last week fortunately coincided with the end of my one and only for pay project, so I was free to run around with them, except for Spanish lessons. It was so much fun. They arrived with 3 small battery operated alarm clocks, decaf coffee and (drum roll) a ream of lined loose leaf paper WITH THREE HOLES ALREADY PUNCHED IN IT. They also schlepped down two books I had ordered and shipped to Melanie. And they were only doing carry-on which makes their effort extraordinary.

They got their own bedroom, but they had to share the bathroom with the boys which all parties involved seemed to have survived. I walked into the boys room and said, wow, doesn’t it smell great in here with Melanie and Cyn using their products? They whole heartedly agreed and we all resolved to buy a higher caliber of personal care products.

They quickly were referred to by all as the muchachas, as in are the muchachas still sleeping, have the muchachas eaten yet (by Christina) do the muchachas need to be driven anywhere (by Angel) which one of those muchachas is your sister (to me). Melanie was quickly recognized by everyone in town by her blondeness and tattoos.

We took them to Chico Tripa and subjected them to all the fun of Carnaval and Hipica. We watched the sunset from the balcony and counted the bats as they flew out of the neighbors roof. We swam at Laguna de Apoyo, hiked Mombacho and did the night tour at Masaya (too many bats to count). We tried the new zip lines and were all put off by the inappropriate chumminess of our guides.

We swung in the hammocks and discussed wide ranging topics. We gossiped about work. Melanie and I had our nails done. Now I am sitting on the balcony by myself; the clouds are pink over the cathedral and the bells have just finished ringing. The bats are heading out for the night and I am watching their zig zag flights. It’s kind of lonely.
Thanks to Cyn and Melanie for the photos which I can't seem to get in here right. I've gotten very lazy about taking my camera places.

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