Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog photos

Call me spoiled, but I am really used to the drag and drop interface of arranging things in my handy dandy mac applications. I am so frustrated working with photos in these blog posts! I've been studying the tutorials, as much as my non windows, non html little mind can handle it, and still after arranging all the little bits of code exactly as they are in the examples, it doesn't work! Or it might work mostly, and then I make one little change to something not even related and everything changes.

I am just a WYSIWYG girl and I cannot deal with this. Now I understand why people arrange photos and text in word documents and send them to their friends instead of dealing with the blog. I must be missing something. Or maybe it is just the Mac, Firefox Blogspot incompatibility. I hate to do this but, please give me some suggestions if anyone has any!

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