Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekend Trip Day Three – Jinotega

The kids didn’t want to waste the four day weekend on vacation, so we decided to go home to Granada so they could do their homework and relax. Another beautiful drive through the mountains. This time the road was smooth and new from Concordia to Jinotega. We forgot that it was parade day – for real this time – throughout all of Nicaragua for the holiday celebrating the Battle of San Jacinto and Independence Day. The Parades were just finishing up as we got to both Concordia and Jinotega, but it was still hard to maneuver the car through flag girls, drummers and number one students leaving the square.

Jonathan picked up his last hitch hiker and learned an important lesson. Don’t pick up single guys on a holiday because they could be drunk. We let him off in Jinotega and Jonathan gave him bus fare to get to Matagalpa. The kids made him promise not to make them sit in the back with a drunk again. We saw him standing by the exit out of town with his thumb out. He waved. I doubt he is using the bus fare to feed his children.

Happy to be home in Granada, we went to Monna Lisa’s Pizza for dinner and laughed about the glum German tourists we met in Miraflor. They complained that they couldn’t find the waterfall and that the orchid farm was full of garbage. The coffee museum was closed (it WAS a national holiday). They asked us about Granada. They were afraid it would be like Disneyland because they had heard it was touristy. Yeah, like Disneyland with open drains, garbage strewn all over and glue sniffers asleep on your door step.

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